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Unformatted text preview: lead to a more stable financial lifestyle. While we touch on all three areas our proposal focuses on access to Health Care. Low income families, those served by CHiP, have a history of not receiving regular health care. Upon enrollment less than 50% of adults had a regular health care provider and less than 70% of children had a regular health care provider. And of those who do have a listed provider, many do not keep regular appointments nor do they understand what preventative health care means. Women are more likely to go for birth control only, while men do not usually go at all unless it is an emergency and then they use the emergency department. The biggest stumbling block for adults: the lack of insurance. Most of our CHiP children are enrolled in Medicaid and the majority go to the University of Virginia clinics. This insurance allows parents to take their children to a physician but it does not always ensure good medical care or follow‐ up. Access to care is not defined by having a facility that is easy to get to or that accepts your insurance. Access to health care is making your health care system work for you. It is knowing what...
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