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Unformatted text preview: that is adequate and affordable, and/or you do not have transportation. Many of our efforts go to meeting the goals of food insecurity – such as connecting families with WIC (Women Infant and Children’s food supplement program), food stamps, providing nutritional counseling, assisting families in shopping for food by helping them read labels, and understand pricing, assistant with budgeting and helping families look for emergency food needs. We also help families with issues regarding housing that include budgeting, reviewing their credit rating and how to improve the rating, how to apply for low‐income housing, how to look for apartments and how to complete paper work. We also improve the opportunity for families to have food security and adequate housing by encouraging and supporting parents as they improve their education by getting a GED, attending CATEC or PVCC, finding appropriate jobs and assistance with child care and transportation. Child care and transportation are two of the more frustrating barriers families, particularly single mom families, face in securing a job that can...
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