5 sizes grades and types of bricks contd grades of

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Unformatted text preview: ND TYPES OF BRICKS (Cont’d) Grades of Building Bricks - Grade SW: Withstands severe weathering Grade Grades (freeze-thaw, alternate wetting and drying) - Grade MW: for moderate weathering Grade - Grade NW: for negligible weathering Grade 9.6.3 Types of Facing Bricks - Type FBX: High degree of mechanical Type perfection, narrow color variation, minimum size variation per unit - Type FBS: Type Wide range of colors, greater variation of size per unit - Type FBA: NonType uniformity in size, color and texture. uniformity 28 29 Extruded – Wire Cut Wood Mold Extruded – Smooth Extruded – Raked 30 Brickwork Strength Depends on: – Strength of the masonry unit – Strength of the mortar Strength 31 9.6 TERMINOLOGY, BONDS AND JOINTS IN BRICK 9.6 MASONRY MASONRY 9.6.1 Terminology used in laying bricks: Bed joint, Head joint, Collar joint, Wythe, Stretcher, Header, Soldier, Rowlock 9.6.2 Structural bonds used during brick laying Running Bond: All courses of brick made of stretchers, with breaking of joints, from one course to the other joints, English Bond: made of alternate courses of stretchers and headers, with breaking of joints breaking Common Bond or American Bond : Made of stretchers courses, with every sixth course being made completely of headers, with breaking of joints every Flemish Bond: In the same layer ( or course) stretchers and headers are laid alternatively, with breaking of joints laid 32 Basic Brickwork Terminology Head Joint Bed Joint Course - horizontal layer of brick 33 Basic Brickwork Terminology Header - Bonds two wythes together Wythe: vertical layer 1 unit thick Rowlock laid on face, end visible Stretcher - long dimension horizontal & face parallel to the wall Soldier - Laid on its end, face parallel 34 Brick Bonds Structural Bonds Cavity (Veneer) Walls – Running bond – Stacked bond 35 36 9.6 TERMINOLOGY, BONDS AND JOINTS IN BRICK 9.6 MASONRY(Cont’d) MASONRY Procedure for building brick walls: (i) Laying of lead (or corner bricks) to establish the wall planes and courses heights - (ii) Bricks in between leads are laid to a line ( a heavy string stretchers taut between line blocks at each lead) each 9.6.3 Joint Tooling: Required for giving b...
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