3 balloon frame 63 in 1865 ge woodward wrote a man

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Unformatted text preview: n 1865, G.E. Woodward wrote ”A man and a boy can now attain the In same results, with the ease, that twenty men could on an old-fashioned frame… the balloon frame can be put up for forty percent less money than the mortise and tenon frame” than Framed solely with slender, closely spaced wooden members - Joist for Framed floors, studs for walls, and rafters for sloping roofs - Heavy beams were eliminated eliminated The full length studs ran continuously for two stories from foundation to The roof; hence not efficient for erection - The tall hollow spaces, in between the studs, acted as multiple chimneys, spreading the fire very rapidly to upper floors rapidly 6.3 Balloon Framing (Cont’d) (Cont’d) “All” Light Wood Framing Full Length Studs Cost - Less than Timber Disadvantages – Full length studs difficult to handle – Hang 2nd floor platform – No firestop 6.4 PLATFORM FRAME WITH ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Evolved from balloon frame after many modifications Accepted now as the universal standard for wood light frame construction Complex in details, but simple in concept A floor platform is built, made up of either of a concrete slab on-ground or floor with masonry/concrete footings - Wood load-bearing walls are erected upon this floor/footings - A second floor wood platform is built on these walls Then a second set of walls is built on this platform - The attic and roof are then built upon the second set of walls - Many variations are...
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