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5 eight steps contd contd 65 step 5 building the

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Unformatted text preview: the Wall Framing Build on the Platform & Tilt-up or Build in Place 31 Wall Framing 32 6.5 EIGHT STEPS ………. (Cont’d) (Cont’d) 6.5 Step 5: Building the upper-floor platform - Details of second floor platform Details - Interior stairways Step 6: Framing of the second-story walls - Reinforcing against uplift Reinforcing Step 7: Framing of the attic floor and roof - Roof framing and details - Chimney details - Dormer - Hip rafter - Roof framing Step 8: Completing the overall building frame 33 Wall Sheathing Materials: – Typically – OSB or Plywood Typically – Insulating Sheathing - (no structural qualities) (no Insulating 34 Sheathing Purposes: Joins & stabilizes the structure Resists uplift Resists wracking- Resists lateral forces Provides surface for finish material 35 Roof Framing Built-in-Place Roof Framing Built-in-Place Ridge Board Rafters 36 Collar Ties 37 Lookouts Gable Framing 38 Note Strand Orientation Hurricane Clip 39 Roof Profiles Flat Roof Single Pitch 40 Roof Profiles Gable Roof Hip Hip Roof Ridge 41 Siding 42...
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