Attachment anchor bolts expansion bolts addl for wind

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Unformatted text preview: ermite Sill Attachment – – – Anchor Bolts Expansion Bolts Add’l for Wind / Quake Set to Line & Elevation Floor Framing - Spacing & Splicing Spacing Spacing – Factors Influencing Joist Spacing: » Floor Loading (Minimums in Code) & Span Length Span » Strength of Joist Material Used » Sheathing (strength & size) – Designation - Inches “o.c.” (on center) » Typical - 16” oc (Other Typ. Options - 12” or 24”) Splicing a) In - Line (w/ metal strap or wood) (w/ a) b) Lapped b) 26 Floor Framing Material Floor 2” Material (larger sizes optional) Trusses I-Beams Wood, Metal, or Combination Floor Framing Bridging & Anchorage Bridging Joist Hanger •Metal - Sized to Joist •Purpose Anchorage & Support Bridging •Material - Wood or Metal •Purpose: Improve Rigidity Hold Joist Straight & Distribute Loads •Code requires for joists > 2x12 Wall Framing Layout Framing Member Size & Spacing Framing Loads - Vertical & Lateral – Floor Loads, # of Stories, Roof Loads, Wind, Quake – Minimum - Code Requirements Attachment of: – – Exterior and Exterior Interior Finishes Opening Locations - Doors & Windows Insulation Requirements (may elect to use ‘deeper Insulation framing to accommodate thicker insulation) framing Framing Terminology Top Plate Often Doubled Stud Header Sheathing Sole Plate Constructing...
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