Sheathing on floor is called sub floor sheathing sub

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Unformatted text preview: g on floor is called sub-floor Sheathing sub-floor In a sloping roof, the rafters are headed off by the top plates at the lower edges of In the roof and by the ridge board at the peak 6.5 Building Sequence 6.5 Plan / Design the Facility – Establish Use, Owner Preference, Budget Establish – Consider Codes, Zoning & other Legal Requirements – Graphically Communicate Building Design Graphically » » » » » » Foundations Design Framing plans (identifies & locates framing members) Architectural Floor Plans (locations, dimensions, walls, etc) Exterior Elevations (details, openings, heights, finishes, etc.) Interior Elevations & Sections (construction details, finishes, etc.) Interior Heating & AC, Plumbing, Electrical 6.5 EIGHT STEPS FOR BUILDING A WOOD LIGHT EIGHT FRAME STRUCTURE (Cont’d) (Cont’d) Step 1: Establishing the position, shape, and size of the building on site - Erecting the batter boards, beyond the area to be excavated - Corner stakes located with a plumb bob Step 2: Excavation and construction of the foundation and substructure walls - Excavating the foundations - Form work built for walls Form - Site-cast concrete foundation Site-cast - Slab-on-grade or other - 4” layer of crushed stone, 3” to 4” thick concrete 4” - drainage for foundation - Wall keyed to the floor slab - Independent spread footings Foundation Wall Systems Foundation Sill Anchor Dampproofing Stone for Drainage Perforated Drainage Pipe Concrete or CMU Wall Drai...
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