Variations are possible one or two stories tall

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Unformatted text preview: possible; one or two stories tall, several types of roof (with or without attic) can be built stories Advantages: Uses short, easily handled lengths of lumber for the vertical framing - Vertical hollow spaces are automatically fire-stopped at each floor level level 6.4 Platform Frame (cont’d) (cont’d) 6.4 Advantages Short, easily handled lumber Made entirely of 2” lumber Automatic fire stop Working platforms Nail Connections Disadvantage -Vertical shrinkage 6.4 PLATFORM FRAME ….. (Cont’d) (Cont’d) 6.4 Disadvantages: Each floor constitutes of a thick layer of wood, whose grain runs horizontally - Leads to relatively large amount of vertical shrinkage in the frame, as moisture dries from the wood - Can lead to distress in exterior/interior finish surfaces finish A conventional frame built entirely of 2” members (11/2 ” actual), with all connections made with nails connections Number of framing lumber are aligned parallel to one another, and nailed to cross Number pieces; then covered with a sheathing (made up of a facing layer of boards, or panels) that join and stabilize the pieces into a single structural unit - In a wall structure, the vertical parallel pieces are called the studs, the cross pieces at the the bottom are the sole plates, and the cross pieces on top are called the top plates and top In a floor, the parallel pieces are floor joists, and the cross pieces at the ends are In and called headers, rim joists, or band joists. Sheathin...
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