W vapor barrier concrete strip footing thickened slab

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Unformatted text preview: nage Stone under SOG often w/ Vapor Barrier Concrete Strip Footing Thickened Slab-on-Grade Thickened Load Stone Base Thickened SOG Damp-proofing, Protection Board, & Drainage Sequenced Photos of a Home Under Construction Foundation Foundation Materials Foundation Reinforced Concrete Concrete Masonry Units Vapor Barrier Granular SubBase Foundation Insulation Foundation Insulate the Crawl Space – Attach to Platform or on Ground – Vapor Barrier Insulate the Exterior of the Wall – Insulation exposed to the elements Insulate the Interior of the Wall – Space & condensation considerations Insulation within the Wall (CMU) 6.5 EIGHT STEPS ………. (Cont’d) (Cont’d) 6.5 - Concrete wall built - Interior steel pipe columns - Exterior foam insulation for frost protection - Batt insulation over plastic moisture barrier in crawl space in basement - Drainage for walls Step 3: Making the ground floor platform - Floor framing plan - Fire place and stair case opening - Double header and trimmer joists at floor openings - Bridging at mid-span - Plywood sheets laid with their length directions perpendicular to joists - Joining details Step 4: Framing of the ground floor walls - Wall framing details Building Sequence - Step Three Building Erecting the Platform Frame Considerations – Attachment Attachment to the Foundation Foundation – Floor Floor Framing Framing – Sheathing Attachment to the Foundation Attachment Sill Material – Decay Resistant Termite Shield T...
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