Lab Report 2

14 264 04318 figure 1 part b in this part of the lab

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Unformatted text preview: 14/-2.64 = -0.4318. Figure 1: PART B In this part of the lab, we have made a circuit shown in figure 2. We have adjusted the potentiometer so that ICQ is 0.3mA or 0.1mA. With these conditions, the results are shown in the figure 3 and 4. Just like part A, gain is solved by dividing delta y by delta x. Hand calculation results are shown in figure 4 as well. enerator Load Inverters the same IC chip asName:elShuvrasPodder re n-chann devices, everal mo nerator load” inverter uses a p-channel So, Lucas Tanaka Partners: Jin device biased to rent...
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