Lab Report 2

Because the transistors of the cd 4007 are not fully

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Unformatted text preview: ecause the transistors of the CD 4007 are not fully s effect ive W/L ratios can be created. For example if ected to pin 12, and pin 6 is connected to pin 10, behave as one transistor that has twice the width (W) if two transistors are put in series and the gates are ICQ VOH VOL VIH 0.3 mA 3.6V -1.26V 0.42V 0.1 mA 4.36V 0.780V 2.08V Figure 4: Measured Results for Part B VIL -3.82V -3.65V Gain NML 1.44V 1.40V NMH 1.58V 3.90V Vtp = 5-3.57=1.43 PART C In this part c, we will change with W/L ratio of the MOSFET and this will produce a noticeable change in VTC. To incr...
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