To increase the length we will put the mosfet in

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Unformatted text preview: ease the length, we will put the MOSFET in series. To increase the width, we will put MOSFET in parallel. The oscilloscope capture are shown in Figure 5. You can notice that increasing width decreases the gain, because of ratio of W/L increase. However, when we increase the length to bring back to the original W/L ratio, gain returns to original value. Figure 5a: 1 PMOS 1 NMOS, Vil = -4.84 V, Vih = 2.24 V Transiotion gain: -4.58/600mv = -7.63 Name: Shuvra Podder Partners: Jin So, Lucas Tanaka Figure 5b: 1 PMOS, 2-parallel NMOS: Vih = 2.16, Vil =...
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