Lab Report 2

And 18 as shown e doesnt matter connect pin 3 to m to

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Unformatted text preview: . and (1,8) as shown e doesn’t matter) Connect pin 3 to M to measure the g it in series with ut (pin 6) at a logic o produce Vdd. iper until a current the wiper, IH, VIL, VOH, t with a new mA current. For l measurements of ion. Vdd 14,2 R1 M b re a k P 3 M2 Vout V in 6 1,8 M1 M b re a k N 0 Fig. 2. Connections for currentgenerator load. verters Figure 3a and 3b: Results for ICQ of 0.3 mA and 0.1 mA a “driven switch” that responds to the logic input lues of VIH, VIL, and transition region gain depend on s. B...
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