Chapter 2 Books notes - Chapter 2 Books Vocabulary...

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Chapter 2: Books Vocabulary Cambridge Press: First publisher in the British American colonies Harriet Beecher Stowe: Author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, first blockbuster book in US publishing Vanity Presses: Publishers that charge authors to publish their manuscript Negative option: Automatic book club shipments unless the subscriber declines in advance Trade books: General interest titles, including friction and nonfiction Robert de Graff: Originated pocket paperbacks in the US in 1939 Pocket Books: First modern US paperbacks Royalty: Authors share of a books income Earn out: When royalty income to an author exceeds the advance Patriot Act: 2001 law that gave federal agents new authority to prevent terrorism Best seller: 75K copies hard cover, 100K paperback 1. Books in Human history a. With the introduction to the printing press, scientists could build on each others discoveries b. Ushered in scientific revolution c. Martin Luther advances his Protestantism with printed materials d. Chaucer’s book, Canterbury Tales was the first printed book in English
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Chapter 2 Books notes - Chapter 2 Books Vocabulary...

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