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Test 1 Study gyude - INTRODUCTION 1. Transferred...

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INTRODUCTION 1. Transferred meaning-Some form of matter or energy that has a pattern, need to already have basic idea to understand 2. It is not possible to have written language before a spoken one 3. Must be taught to read and write but do not need to be taught how to talk 4. Morse code is at best 10% as efficient as speech 5. The human voice is 10 times better at relaying information than anything else 6. Ears can take in 16 sounds per second 7. It takes 25-35 sounds per second to understand language-how is this possible? 8. It seems as though there is speech decoder software-This is what signifies humanity versus everything else 9. As soon as sound reaches 16 Hz, we don’t hear individual beats 10. Animals have part of this decoder software PAPER 1. Made from animal parts, vegetable skin 2. population growth is a function of migration 3. Tapa-any kind of writing surface 4. 751-Arabs steel ideas from Chinese 5. 1860-.25 per pound 6. 1897-.02 per pound PENS 1. Ballpoint pens-worked except for airplanes because they didn’t work upside down
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Test 1 Study gyude - INTRODUCTION 1. Transferred...

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