Assignment 1- Cultural Festival

However children were singled out in the event

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Unformatted text preview: ves. However, children were singled out in the event. Throughout the day, several special events were held specifically for the children taking part in the event. While the children were still invited to have fun, it was in a different way from the adults who were attending. Bocce played a large role in the festival. The playing area had one of the largest crowds in the whole area surrounding it. Bocce is a game where participants throw balls in an attempt to come closest to a smaller ball that is thrown out first. As is true with many other sport and games, the bocce playing area had a strong sense of competition among the players. However, overpowering that was the sportsmanship that took place in each in every match. The losers of each match appeared genuinely happy for the winners, who were also very gracious in victory. A handshake followed every match and often times the players on opposing sides walked aside to have a conversation with one another. Another interesting fact I found about the bocce court was that people of all ages and genders competed against one another as equals. This could be seen as encouraging unity amongst the community, regardless of age or gender. Perhaps the only thing that played a larger role than bocce at the festival is the food. Besides being delicious, food is one of very few things that can bring people together. With limited seating and only some standing room, people who may not be familiar with one another are made to sit with each other. This allows for members of the Italian American community to bond with one another, and gain closer bonds with those within the same community as t...
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