Assignment 1- Cultural Festival

I personally found that every table at the festival

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Unformatted text preview: hem. I personally found that every table at the festival with people at it was buzzing with conversation, which in turn, encourages more conversation. Long lines at the food vendors also promote such conversation, albeit for a shorter time. While we were waiting in line, Marika asked what a fellow festival goer was going to order and the two had a five minute conversation about Italian food that probably would not have happened if not for the long line and the proximity of the people in line. On the whole, it appears that the Festa Italiana Syracuse is held as a way to show pride and unity among the Italian American community in Syracuse. As you walked through the crowd, you saw people of all ages and genders, and often you could see entire families attending the event together. Several of these people were donning their Italian pride t-shirts or baseball caps. These people were not only unafraid to show off their Italian heritage, but they were incredibly proud of it. By taking part in traditional Italian traditions, eating traditional Italian food, and listening to traditional Italian music, the Italian community of Syracuse was not only putting on display their cultural traditions to those who were attending as outsiders to the Italian community, but also reinforcing these traditions to those who were insiders to the community. After attending the Festa Italiana Syracuse, several key qualities became ever apparent to me of the Italian American community in Syracuse. Above all else, pride of their heritage was key to Italian America...
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