Assignment 1- Cultural Festival

It was advertised in local newspapers as well as

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Unformatted text preview: yers. It was advertised in local newspapers as well as online. The events scheduled took place as advertised and it appeared as if everything ran smoothly, however there was one apparent unscheduled event that took place. A number of the children began to play a spontaneous game of football while their parents enjoyed other activities. Most interesting of all was that the older folks were getting involved as well, most notably what appeared to be one of the organizers of the bocce tournament. Although I was unable to attend, the festival had an opening ceremony the day before I went to the festival. When I was there, several events were going on at the same time, notably performers on the stage, bocce ball, and bingo. While all of these things were going on, the food vendors were all busy catering to the long lines of people that formed before them. As I observed, it became more and more apparent to me that the festival is secular, as no form of religious or sacred activities took place. While there were no apparent roles given to any individuals, it appeared that there were two sides to the festival. One being those people who were there because of the organization, such as organizers, volunteers, vendors, or performers and the other being the spectators. It seemed as though the sole role of those who were brought in by the organization was to ensure that the spectators were enjoying themselves and having a good time, while the spectators were only there to fulfill the role of having a good time. The festival seemed very rooted in having fun, with activities such as listening to music, eating, and playing games, and spectators didn't seem to fulfill any other role other than to enjoy themsel...
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