Assignment 1- Cultural Festival

People wearing italian colors purchasing clothing and

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Unformatted text preview: ns. People wearing Italian colors, purchasing clothing and other memorabilia with Italian phrases and colors printed on them, and taking part in traditional games, music, and food all speak to the level of pride that Italian Americans in Syracuse have for their Italian heritage. The other key quality to the Italian American community of Syracuse is comradery. Attending the festival, you could see comradery among the people whether it be striking up conversations with people you didn't even know previously, shaking the hand and showing good sportsmanship to fellow competitors in bocce, or joining in spontaneous games of football with children, comradery was evident among the participants of the festival. By displaying these qualities of pride and comradery, the members of the community also reinforce the cultural normals that have been established by taking part in them as a way to distinguish themselves as a part of the group. These cultural norms that have been set forward establish an “in” group among the Italian American community in Syracuse, and thus, a greater sense of unity....
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