Assignment 1- Cultural Festival

The festival took place in the middle of downtown

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Unformatted text preview: The festival took place in the middle of downtown Syracuse, shutting down an entire portion of a major street. One of the buildings that the festival was near was Syracuse's City Hall. This specifically spoke to me, as in my experiences in Syracuse, downtown is truly the hub of activity or the “heart” of the city so to speak. By being held in this part of the city, and by displacing some traffic in the process, Italian Americans display themselves as being a significant portion of the community of Syracuse and are unafraid to show it. Several large signs speaking of the event scattered around the area also spoke this to me, as to show any people who may not be aware of the festival what is going on and who is a part of it. After looking around, there was no clear mention of who organized the event. In curiosity, Marika and I asked the woman running the raffle table who put together the event. She answered that the Italian American Association of Syracuse was primarily responsible for the event and there was a Board of Directors specifically assigned to organize the event as well. The event is staffed by hundreds of volunteers looking to give time as well as members of the association. Given that there was an event scheduled featuring Syracuse political officials taking part in a game of bocce, it can safely be said that the community had the approval of the local government to have the event taking place where it was. The event had several companies sponsoring the event, including a local Italian Sports Car vendor and local banks and law...
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