provide a reasonable explanation why in every case

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Unformatted text preview: e. - Provide a reasonable explanation why in every case where a patient had a mutation at this site in the EGF receptor the observed change in sequence was from leucine to arginine and not to one of the other 19 amino acids. 7. Three proteins of the same length are synthesized, in each case using only four different types of amino acids: (i) Protein 1: Lys, Asp, Gln, Ser Page 2 of 3 Problem Set 1. CHEM-130/MCB-100A. Fall 2013. University of California, Berkeley Page 3 (ii) Protein 2: Lys, Asp, Leu, Ile (iii) Protein 3: Trp, Val, Ile, Leu Experimental investigation shows that only Protein 2 adopts a well defined compact structure in solution....
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