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Highly polarizable and atoms have parcal charges

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Unformatted text preview: 0° rotaCon –  i, i+3 - - i,i+4 ridges à༎ - 20° rotaCon Structural Hierarchy Membrane Protein •  25 residues in alpha helices to span across membrane •  hydrophobicity scale: Trp, Phe most hydrophobic; Glu, Asp most hydrophilic Chapter 2 Nucleic Acid Structure NucleoCdes Nitrogenous Bases Double Helix Major StabilizaCon Factor for Double Helix FormaCon Base Stacking •  Shape of each correct purine- pyrimidine base pair is same •  Glycosidic bonds are in the same orientaCon with respect to the sugar phosphate backbone •  Hence, they can stack neatly on top of each other EnergeCc contribuCons for base stacking •  Bases are flat and planar •  Atoms of aromaCc rings are highly polarizable and atoms have parCal charges •  CombinaCon of van de...
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