A b c d 7 a b c d the figure shows the vector field

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Unformatted text preview: ield . Which of the following are possible choices for ? 8 The path is a flow line of which vector field? A B C D 9 If the path C is a circle centered at the origin, oriented clockwise, which of the vector fields below has a positive circulation? A i B ii C iii D iv 10 Which of the vector fields below is NOT path independent? A the one on the left B the one in the middle C the one on the right 11 The figure below shows the vector field where is continuously differentiable in the whole plane. The two ends of an oriented curve C from P to Q are shown, but the middle portion of the path is outside the viewing window. The line integral is: A Positive B Negative C Zero D Can’t tell without further information...
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