MGT353 - Chapter 12

Firms to promote or attack various products on the

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Unformatted text preview: e or attack various products on the market New generation of blogs, called vlogs, or video Web logs appeared in mid-2000’s All that was needed was access to a digital camera that could capture moving images and high-speed Internet access 12-13 Threats from Technology – Spam and Unsolicited Commercial E-mail Spam refers to unsolicited commercial e-mails (UCE or junk e-mails) sent in bulk to valid e-mail accounts Has become big business and big headache for business Organizations and individuals have adopted use of spam blockers, but sometimes difficult to sort out bad emails Government has attempted to monitor, control and prosecute spammers using Internet for illegal activity U.K. and the U.S. have anti-spam legislation 12-14 Threats from Technology – Phishing Practice of duping computer users into revealing their passwords or other private data under false pretenses The Anti-Phishing Working Group, a U.S. industry association, reported in 2012 that 39 percent of the world’s personal computers were infected with some type of malware In 2012, fifteen companies, including e-mail service providers (Google, Microsoft, and AOL) and financial service companies (Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, and PayPal), created (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) to promote a standard set of technologies intended to lead to more secure e-mail 12-15 Threats from Technology – Government Censorship of the Internet Many people believe that information on the Internet should be universally accessible. Some people believe that restrictions should be placed on some categories of information Some countries have imposed censorship on broad categories of online information • The Chinese government operates one of the most sophisticated systems of Internet censorship in the world • It requires all China-based Web sites and blogs to register with the government and blocks access to many kinds of information, including material critical of the government 12-16 Socially Beneficial Uses of Technology Technology and Education Enables students in poor and remote communities to access the world’s best libraries, instructors, and courses available through the Internet Medical Information via the Internet The abundance of medical information available on the Internet was welcomed by medical practitioners and the public in general • Some warned that this easily available information might create a group of cyberchondriacs, a term referring to people who leap to the most dreadful conclusions while researching health matters online Another emerging issue focused on digital medical records, or how a patient’s medical records should be stored and linked to other health care providers 12-17 Special Issue: The Digital Divide Gap between those that have technology and those that do not Recently, some evidence has suggested that the digital divide in the United States is becoming smaller Progress in narrowing the digital divide in developing countries has been slower, but still evident Researchers found that the world was becoming more “hyperconnected,” fostering greater global trade and interpersonal communications online 12-18...
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