MGT353 - Chapter 02

Analyze issue evaluating the issue coming to an

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Unformatted text preview: Evaluating the issue; coming to an understanding of how it will evolve and how it will affect the organization 3. Generate Options Evaluating action options, involves complex judgments that take into account “non-quantifiable” factors like the company’s reputation 2-10 5 2/11/2014 The Issue Management Process 4. Take Action Once option is chosen, must design and implement it 5. Evaluate Results Must assess results of the program and make adjustments as needed 2-11 Figure 2.3 The Issue Management Process The process continuously cycles back to the beginning and repeats 2-12 6 2/11/2014 Organizing for Effective Issue Management Which part of the organization is mobilized to address a particular emerging issue often depends on the nature of the issue itself A corporation’s issue management activities are usually linked to both the board of directors and to top management levels 2-13 Organizing for Effective Issue Management Effective global leadership on public issues requires three basic capabilities: Understanding of the changing business context Ability to lead in the face of complexity Connectedness – The ability to engage with external stakeholders in dialogue and partnership 2-14 7 2/11/2014 Stages in the Business-Stakeholder Relationship Over time, the nature of business’s relationship with its stakeholders often evolve through a series of stages Inactive – Companies ignore stakeholder concerns Reactive – companies act only when forced to do so, and then...
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