MGT353 - Chapter 02

Business opportunity 2 5 figure 21 the performance

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Unformatted text preview: pportunity 2-5 Figure 2.1 The Performance-Expectations Gap 2-6 3 2/11/2014 Environmental Analysis and Intelligence Environmental analysis A method managers use to gather information about external issues and trends, so they can develop an organizational strategy that minimizes threats and takes advantage of new opportunities Environmental intelligence The acquisition of information gained from analyzing the multiple environments affecting organizations 2-7 Figure 2.2 Eight Strategic Radar Screens 2-8 4 2/11/2014 Competitive Intelligence The systematic and continuous process of gathering, analyzing, and managing external information about the organization’s competitors that can affect the organization’s plans, decisions and operations Numerous ethical issues arise in acquisition and use of information gathered through competitive intelligence, public affairs managers must be keenly aware of these issues 2-9 The Issue Management Process 1. Identify Issue Anticipating emerging concerns, or “horizon” issues 2. Analyze Issue...
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