MGT353 - Chapter 02

Do so and then in a defensive manner proactive

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Unformatted text preview: in a defensive manner Proactive – Companies try to anticipate stakeholder concerns Interactive –Companies actively engage stakeholders in an ongoing relationship of mutual respect, openness, and trust 2-15 Drivers of Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholder engagement is, at its core, a relationship The participation of a business organization and at least one stakeholder organization is necessary, by definition, to constitute engagement Engagement is most likely when both the company and its stakeholders both have an urgent and important goal, the motivation to participate, and the organizational capacity to engage with one another 2-16 8 2/11/2014 Making Engagement Work Effectively In stakeholder dialogue, a business and its stakeholders come together for face-to-face conversations about issues of common concern Corporations sometimes encounter public issues that they can address effectively only by working collaboratively with other businesses and concerned persons and organizations in stakeholder networks 2-17 Making Engagement Work Effectively Engaging with stakeholders benefits businesses by bringing in expertise, enhancing legitimacy, and generating creative solutions to common problems 2-18 9 2/11/2014 Assignments 1. Read Chapter 3 2. Come to class Thursday prepared to discuss and decide on a Class Project 2-19 10...
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