MGT353 - Chapter 06

Codes of human rights exist most important one is

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Unformatted text preview: ts of 1948 Over half world’s nations have adopted these human rights covenants Still, many violations of human rights still occur: Recent genocides in Rwanda, Sudan Systems where minority groups and indigenous peoples lack basic human rights, example of Nepal 6-21 Comparative Economic Systems Free enterprise systems Based on the principle of voluntary association and exchange Members of society satisfy most of their economic needs through voluntary market transactions Central state control Economic power is concentrated in the hands of government officials and political authorities The central government owns the property that is used to produce goods and services 6-22 11 2/17/2014 Challenges of Global Diversity Diversity and complexity of systems that transnational corporations face creates challenges If a company does business in a nation that does not grant women equal rights, should that company hire and promote women at work, even if it violates local laws and customs? Should a company enter into a business venture with a government-owned enterprise if that government has a reputation for violating its citizens’ human rights? 6-23 Meeting the Challenges of Global Diversity Notion of constructive engagement By operating with strong moral principles, transnational corporations can be a force for positive change in nations where they operate In some circumstances this is not possible due to extreme conditions, provoking dilemma At what point do violations of political, human, and economic rights become so extreme that a company cannot morally justify doing business in that country? 6-24 12 2/17/2014 Collaborative Partnerships for Global Problem Solving Emerging trend for development of collaborative, multisector partnerships focused on particular social issues or problems in the global economy These partnerships have been termed global action networks, or GANs Involves 3 sectors Business Government Civil society Unique capabilities of each sector is presented on following slide 6-25 Figure 6.3 Distinctive Attributes of the Three Major Sectors 6-26 13 2/17/2014 Assignments Exam on Chapters 1 – 4 Read Chapter 7 for Monday 6-27 14...
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