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MGT353 - Chapter 01

4 stakeholder map 1 26 13 2102014 the corporations

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Unformatted text preview: ration’s Boundary-Spanning Departments Boundary-spanning departments (shown graphically in the following slide) – departments or offices within an organization that reach across the dividing line that separates the company from groups and people in society Building positive and mutually beneficial relationships across organizational boundaries is a growing part of management’s role 1-27 Figure 1.5 The Corporation’s Boundary Spanning Departments 1-28 14 2/10/2014 The Dynamic Environment of Business The external environment of business is dynamic and ever changing The purpose of the firm is not simply to make a profit, but to create value for all its stakeholders – a successful business must meet both its economic and social objectives Six dynamic forces powerfully shape the business and society relationship: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Changing societal expectations Growing emphasis on ethical reasoning and actions Globalization Evolving government regulations and business response Dynamic natural environment Explosion of new technology and innovation 1-29 Figure 1.6 Forces that Shape the Business and Society Relationship 1-30 15 2/10/2014 Assignments 1. Read Chapter 2 2. Prepare your Class Project ideas to discuss in class on Thursday. 1-31 16...
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