MGT353 - Chapter 07

Corporate citizenship or aicc africa csr asia asian

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Unformatted text preview: sian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility 7-10 The Stages of Global Corporate Citizenship Is a developmental change process, involving new attitudes, routines, policies, programs and relationships Mirvis and Googins of the Center for Global Citizenship proposed a five stage model of global corporate citizenship (next two slides) 7-11 The Stages of Global Corporate Citizenship Each stage is characterized by distinct patterns of: Citizenship content Strategic intent Leadership Structure Issues management Stakeholder relationships Transparency 7-12 Figure 7.1 Stages of Global Corporate Citizenship 7-13 Assessing Global Corporate Citizenship As companies around the world expand their commitment to corporate citizenship, they have also improved their capacity to measure performance and assess results A social audit is a systematic evaluation of an organization’s social, ethical, and environmental performance A company’s performance is evaluated relative to a set of externally imposed standards The results of the audit are used to improve the firm’s performance and to communicate with stakeholders and the public 7-14 Six Benefits of Social Audits Identified by scholar Simon Zadek 1. Help businesses know what is happening within their firm 2. Understand what stak...
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