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MGT353 - Introduction & Syllabus

8 describetherolegovernmentplaysinthemarketplace 9

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Unformatted text preview: stakeholder concept and use it in the business decision process. 7. Identify the constraints societal values place upon the firm. 8. Describe the role government plays in the marketplace. 9. Explain the social and ethical dilemmas that arise from the globalization of business. 10. Understand and explain the process through which corporations attempt to influence societal and government institutions. 11. Analyze a real‐world case involving the above issues and – based on established ethical theories – make convincing arguments for or against corporate decisions. Assessing Learning Objectives We will incorporate the following: • Exams. • Includes possible pop quizzes to confirm that you are reading the text in advance of lectures. • Quizzes. • Case Studies. • One or More Class Projects. 3 2/10/2014 Assignments All homework must be your own work only, unless your Teacher explicitly instructed you to complete a project as a team. Copying the work of other students, or from the Internet, is plagiarism. The Teacher will treat any evidence of copying as chea...
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