BUS350 - Ch.11


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Unformatted text preview: the totality of a firm’s organization (formal organizational structure, control systems and incentives, organizational culture, processes, and people). 11 of 40 Organization: The Implementation of Strategy Organizational structure refers to • the formal division of the organization into subunits. • the location of decision‐making responsibilities within that structure. • the establishment of integrating mechanisms to coordinate the activities of subunits including cross functional teams and or pan‐regional committees. 12 of 40 Organization: The Implementation of Strategy Organization Architecture 13 of 40 Organization: The Implementation of Strategy Controls are the metrics used to measure the performance of subunits and make judgments about how well the subunits are run. • Incentives are the devices used to reward appropriate managerial behavior. • Processes are the manner in which decisions are made and work is performed. • Organizational culture is the norms and value systems that are shared among the employees. • People refers to employees and the strategy used to recruit, compensate, and retain those individuals. 14 of 40 In Sum: Strategic Fit So, to attain superior performance and earn a high return on capital, a firm’s strategy must make sense given...
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