Mallard Intro to Computer Engineering I - In-Class Test for 4_4_2013_ LC-3 Control Signals

Circle all control signals that need to be specified

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Unformatted text preview: Circle all control signals that need to be specified - and write their values. (A signal which is not circled is assumed to be a don't care.) Refer to the Control Signal table, as needed. https://mallar i?SessionID= boon3_1130414_130705&type= default&title= In- Class Test for 4%2f4%2f2013%3a LC- 3 … 1/3 4/14/13 M allar d Intr o to Computer Eng ineer ing I - In- Class Test for 4/4/2013: LC- 3 Contr ol Sig nals Ma lla rd Co p yrig h t © 1 9 9 5 -2 0 0 0 Co u rse Co n ten t Co p yrig h t© D...
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