Ignore propagation queuing and processing delays a

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Unformatted text preview: f a message with and without message segmentation. Consider a message that is 8*106 bits long that is to be sent from source to destination. Suppose each link has a maximum capacity of 2Mbps. Ignore propagation, queuing, and processing delays. a. Consider sending the message from source to destination without message segmentation. How long does it take to move the message from the source host to the first packet switch? Keeping in mind that each switch uses store ­ and ­forward packet switching, what is the total time to move the message from source host to destination host? b. Now suppose that the message is segmented into 4,000 packets, with each packet being 2,000 bits long. How long does it take to move the first packet from source host to the first switch? When the first packet is being sent from the first switch to the seco...
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