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Problem 2 suppose within your web browser you click on

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Unformatted text preview: is, every 1msec one packet will be received; thus time at which last (4000th) packet is received = . It can be seen that delay in using message segmentation is significantly less (almost 1/3rd). d) Drawbacks: i. Packets have to be put in sequence at the destination. ii. Message segmentation results in many smaller packets. Since header size is usually the same for all packets regardless of their size, with message segmentation the total amount of header bytes is more. Problem 2: Suppose within your Web browser you click on a link to obtain a Web page. The IP address for the associated URL is not cached in your local host, so a DNS lookup is necessary to obtain the IP address. Suppose that n DNS servers are visited before your host receives the IP address from DNS; the successive visits incur an RTT of RTT1, …, RTTn. Further suppose that the...
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