B what is the average throughput in terms of mss and

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Unformatted text preview: ime to get the IP address is Once the IP address is known, and another response time is . elapses to set up the TCP connection elapses to request and receive the small object. The total ECE374: First Midterm 3 b. c. d. . . Problem 3: Consider sending a large file from a host to another over a TCP connection that has no loss. a. Suppose TCP uses AIMD for its congestion control without slow start. Assuming cwnd increases by 1 MSS every time a batch of ACKs is received and assuming approximately constant round ­trip times, how long does it take for cwnd to increase from 5 MSS to 11 MSS (assuming no loss events)? b. What is the average throughput (in terms of MSS and RTT) for this connection up through time = 6 RTT? Solution: a. It takes 1 R...
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