Another peer neither a nor b in the ring searches for

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Unformatted text preview: server. e. A client sends a TCP segment to the sever with Sequence Number 1400 and the payload included in the segment is 1399 bytes long. A) What is the ACK Number in the acknowledgement that is returned from the server? B) Assume this packet is lost but the following packet is received. What is the ACK Number in the acknowledgement that is returned from the server for this packet? Answer: A)2800, B)1400. f. Suppose TCP uses AIMD for its congestion control without slow start. Assuming cwnd increases by 2 MSS every time a batch of ACKs is received and assuming approximately constant round- trip times, how long does it take for cwnd to increase from 4 MSS to 12 MSS (assuming no loss events)? ECE374: First Midterm 3 Answer: It takes 1 RTT to increase CongWin to 6 MSS; 2 RTTs to increase to 8 MSS; 3 RTTs to increase to 10 MSS; 4 RTTs to increase to 12 MSS. g. Assume two neighboring nodes in Circular DHT. Node A has ID 1100 and node B’s ID is 1111. Another peer (neither A nor B) in the ring searches for key 1110. Is either A or B sending a reply message to the requesting node informing that it holds the <key, value> pair? Answer: B. h. Cable and DSL are two residential Internet access technologies. Which one can be described as dedicated and which one as shared? Explain why! Answer: Cable, shared, one coax cable shared between clients and head end. DLS, dedicated...
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