Figure 5 c 4 points consider figure 5 again suppose

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Unformatted text preview: opular web site and the many client requests cannot be handled by a single server but rather by a cluster of web servers (each having a different IP address). Describe the process that DNS offers for load balancing. Answer: Server responds with an entire set of IP addresses for canonical name but rotates ordering within each reply. Client typically sends request to first in list. c. (4 Points) Give an example for the source and destination port numbers in a TCP segment sent from the client to the www.cnn.com web server. Now assume a second browser is opened on the client which also wants to retrieve the www.cnn.com start page. What are source and destination port for a TCP packet that belongs to this connection? ECE374: First Midterm 6 Answer: 1.) src port: XXXX (greater 5000), dst port 80, 2.) src port: YYYY (greater 5000 and different than XXXX), dst port 80. d. (4 Points) Let us t...
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