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Root serversnet egtld serversnet

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Unformatted text preview: amazon.com. Back up your answers with screen shots that show the results of your dig queries. Solution: a) The following delegation chain is used for gaia.cs.umass.edu a.root- servers.net E.GTLD- SERVERS.NET ns1.umass.edu(authoritative) First command: dig +norecurse @a.root- servers.net any gaia.cs.umass.edu ;; AUTHORITY SECTION: edu. 172800 IN NS E.GTLD- SERVERS.NET. edu. 172800 IN NS A.GTLD- SERVERS.NET. edu. 172800 IN NS G3.NSTLD.COM. edu. 172800 IN NS D.GTLD- SERVERS.NET. edu. 172800 IN NS H3.NSTLD.COM. edu. 1...
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