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Research Process Memo - TO: Alison Bright FROM: Heather...

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TO: Alison Bright FROM: Heather Wilson SUBJECT: Update on research progress Alison, as per your request I am providing you with a reflection on the process of my research thus far. This memo will overview my background interest in the organization Medecins Sans Frontieres, my current research techniques, and my personal reflection on the efficacy of my research completed to this date. Background I intentionally chose your particular course to fill the writing requirement because the title of the course, “Global giving, dah dah dah,” intrigued me. I am concerned for the well-being of the global community, and occasionally feel some sense of hopelessness over the seeming intractability of such global concerns as poverty, illness, and violence. I hoped that this course would provide me with an opportunity to explore some of the proposed solutions for these issues while simultaneously improving my skills in writing and research. From the moment that you informed the class that our research proposals would focus on a charity, I knew that I would research MSF. As a pre-medical student, enrolling in an international medical relief program such as MSF is one of major life goals. I had heard many good things about the organization, and often envisioned myself becoming a field worker for their operations, but never researched the organzation. This research proposal appeared to be a perfect opportunity to learn more about all facets of the organization, and determine whether or not it truly provides a valuable service in which I might someday desire to invest my time and skills. Description of Process So far, my research has been going fairly well. I feel that I am comfortably on track in terms of the schedule of the course. In the past, I have had the tendency to procrastinate on writing papers and performing research, and have put myself in a situation in which I needed to do tremendous amounts of work in the last few nights prior to a paper’s deadline. With this course, I promised myself that I would not fall into that trap, and have been regularly devoting time to the research
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process. I have been using a variety of different sources in my research, including
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Research Process Memo - TO: Alison Bright FROM: Heather...

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