For each of the following two cases say whether or

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Unformatted text preview: ose output y (t ) for an input x (t ) is defined by: t y ( t ) = e− t ∫ eτ x (τ ) dτ . t −T Show that the system is LTI and find its impulse response. € 3. Suppose that x ( t ) = sinc( t ) is input to a LTI system. For each of the following two cases, say whether or not it is possible for the output of the LTI system to be the given signal y ( t ) . If it is possible, give the frequency response of a system that would produce the output. If it is not possible, say why not. € ⎛ྎ t ⎞ྏ y ( t ) = sinc⎜ྎ ⎟ྏ a. ⎝ྎ 2 ...
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