Ct frequency f to verify that the filter has the

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Unformatted text preview: very large spike at 12 kHz that corresponds to the transmitted carrier. (d) Envelope detector receiver: Recall that an envelope detector receiver can be implemented with a ½- wave rectifier followed by a LPF. The MATLAB command (xAM>0) generates a vector that has a 1 at components where xAM is positive, and 0 at other components. So, we can simulate the action of a ½- wave rectifier with the command xrect=(xAM>0).*xAM; Plot xrect vs. time to verify that it is only the positive part of xAM. Also plot the positive frequency part of the magnitude of the DFT of xrect vs. CT frequency f. You should see (as shown in class) that there is a term centered at f = 0, along with terms centered at multiples of the carrier frequency (with amplitudes decreasing as frequency increases). We need to put xrect thro...
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