Say that we set the am modulation index to a 085 we

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Unformatted text preview: sample rate of 88.2 kHz. MATLAB does this operation with the command xi=interp(x,4); Use the length command to verify that the interpolated signal xi is four times longer than x. Using a DFT of the appropriate length, and the appropriate mapping of DFT index to CT frequency (note that the sample rate is now fi = 88.2 kHz), plot the positive frequency part of the DFT magnitude vs. CT frequency f to verify that xi has an equivalent CT bandwidth of 5 kHz. Also plot xi vs. time (note that t corresponds to nTi where n is sample number and Ti = 1/fi.) (c) Creating an AM signal: Recall that in defining an AM transmitted signal we use a normalized message signal. To get the normalized speech message signal mn we use the command mn=(1/max(abs(xi)))*xi;...
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