2 an fir dt filter has the direct form implementation

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Unformatted text preview: d the magnitude of the DTFT.) c. Find a signal x [ n ] that is not all zero such that x [ n ] ∗ h [ n ] = 0 for all n. (The results of part (b) might be helpful for answering this.) 2. An FIR DT filter has the Direct Form implementation shown below: x[n]# +" y[n]# Σ +" D" #2" +" Σ +" (Note: if no multiplication factor is shown on a line, it means that the multiplier is 1.) a. Find the system’s impulse response. 1 b. Find and plot the system’s magnitude response for F ≤ . 2 c. Find and plot the system’s output for each...
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