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Unformatted text preview: s, 20,000 samples/sec.) to 1 € create the DT signal x [ n ] . Plot the DT signal’s Fourier Transform X ( F ) for F < . 2 € Now suppose that the DT signal is put through an ideal interpolator (again designed € for a sample rate of 20 kHz). Let xr (t ) denote the interpolator output. Plot Xr ( f ) . € € € 4. Suppose that we want to build a differentiator system for CT signals that are d bandlimited to B Hz. Recall that xc ( t ) has CTFT j 2 π f X c ( f ) . So, we want a filter dt having frequency response H c ( f ) that is (approximately) proportional to j ⋅ f for f ≤ B . One way to do...
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