What fraction of the total power is used to send the

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Unformatted text preview: n old exam problem.) In stereo broadcasting systems there are two message signals, m1 (t ) and m2 (t ) , that must be transmitted, where m1 (t ) is the message signal needed by a monaural (non- stereo) receiver and m2 (t ) is the extra information used by a stereo receiver. Suppose we want to design a stereo version of AM – that is, one that sends both m1 (t ) and m2 (t ) in one transmitted signal xstereo (t ) having carrier frequency fc that is much higher than the bandwidth of either message. We use a transmitted signal of the form: xstereo (t ) = !1 + 0.1m1 (t )# cos ( 2π fc t + θ ) + 0.1 m2 (t ) sin ( 2π fc t + θ ) . " $ Assume that both m1 (t ) and m2 (t ) are normalized to hav...
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