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ECE 563 HW5 Solutions

Now we need to use a dft of length n 220 1048576

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Unformatted text preview: signal is bandlimited to 5 kHz, is given below. (b) length(xi) = 800000, which is four times the length of the original signal. Now we need to use a DFT of length N = 220 = 1048576 points. With that N and the new sample rate fi = k 88.2 kHz, we have the relation f = fi = 2 −20 (88200 )k = 0.0841k . Plots of the DFT N magnitude (showing that the upsampled- interpolated signal still has a CT bandwidth of 5 kHz) and the time signal (note that Ti = 1/fi = 13.38 microsec.) are given at the top...
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