MATLAB Example – Simulating the Speech Scrambler

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Unformatted text preview: use the command: [H,w]=freqz(h,1,512); This command creates the frequency response H of the DT filter having impulse response h. The frequency response is calculated at 512 angular frequencies in the range 0 ≤ ω ≤ π , with frequencies stored in the vector w. Recall that F = ω / 2π and that we have the CT- DT frequency relation f = F / Ts . So, to plot the filter’s CT magnitude response vs. f, set f=(1/(2*pi*Ts))*w; plot(f,abs(H)) Note that you can use the axis command to adjust the horizontal and vertical axis limits in the plot – for example, to view the plot on the frequency range 0 – 7000 Hz and amplitude range 0 – 1.2, you would use axis([0,7000,0,1.2]) You can also label the plot axes – for example, xlabel(‘f’) ylabel(‘|H(f)|’) The plot is shown below. To bandlimit our speech signal to 5 kHz, we apply the filter we created...
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