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MATLAB Example – Simulating the Speech Scrambler

An efficient algorithm for computing the dft called a

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Unformatted text preview: to the original speech signal using the command xL=filter(h,1,x); This implements direct form filtering. Recall that FIR filtering introduces a delay equal to 0.5*(filter length – 1) – so in addition to being filtered, the output signal xL has a 200 sample delay relative to the input signal x (which amounts to a time delay of 200Ts = 9.1 msec.). You can listen to xL using the soundsc command (that is, with soundsc(xL,fs)) – you shouldn’t notice much change from the original signal, since speech is largely bandlimited to frequencies < 5 kHz even before lowpass filtering (content in the original signal at higher frequencies is mostly due to noise). We can use a DFT to display the frequency content in the signal xL. Since the signal is just a vector (not a matrix) we can find its size using either the size or length command. Th...
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