001 medium surges occur at rate 1 per day and will

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Unformatted text preview: + tN ? Thinning and conditioning 2.6. EXERCISES 97 2.42. Tra c on Snyder Hill Road in Ithaca, NY, follows a Poisson process with rate 2/3’s of a vehicle per minute. 10% of the vehicles are trucks, the other 90% are cars. (a) What is the probability at least one truck passes in a hour? (b) Given that 10 trucks have passed by in an hour, what is the expected number of vehicles that have passed by. (c) Given that 50 vehicles have passed by in a hour, what is the probability there were exactly 5 trucks and 45 cars. 2.43. Rock concert tickets are sold at a ticket counter. Females and males arrive at times of independent Poisson processes with rates 30 and 20 customers per hour. (a) What is the probability the first three customers are female? (b) If exactly 2 customers arrived in the first five minutes, what is the probability both arrived in the first three minutes. (c) Suppose that customers regardless of sex buy 1 ticket with probability 1/2, two tickets with probability 2/5, and three tic...
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